Welcome to TE Club Prep Academy. The only year around volleyball academy designed specially for 1st - 6th grade players and parents looking for a program dedicated specifically for the young volleyball athlete.  

When you know you want more than a volunteer coach, when your daughter loves the game, when you need expertise coaching and better training.


Prep Academy Program details

1st - 2nd Grade

  • Teach proper underhand serving techniques

  • Teach proper passing techniques

  • Start implementing defensive awareness

  • Keep teams together, encourage girls to have fun, make lasting friendships 

  • Year around practices and games

3rd Grade

  • Develop speed, quickness and agility

  • Beginning of passing to target awareness

  • Introduce and develop positional volleyball knowledge

  • Competition practices

  • Inter squad scrimmaging

  • Introduction of overhand serving

4th Grade 

  • Introduction and game implementation of volleyball offense

  • Hitting footwork training

  • Overhand serving development

  • Passing skill training 

  • Positional overlap discovery and teaching

5th grade

  • Volleyball offense expertise

  • Volleyball defense expertise

  • Skills and drills development

  • Positional overlap advancement

  • Overhand serve evolution

  • Strength and core training

6th Grade

  • School tryout readiness

  • Strength conditioning

  • Positional refinement

  • TEVC Summer training program

  • Volleyball "Club"  tryout information and understanding

TEVC is looking to add girls to our Club Prep Academy.

        Email to enroll.

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